Human print.

I could have flown.*

Said goodbye from the stars to the hills and the sea to the islands and wind.

I could have gotten on a plane closed my eyes and gone. It would have been a matter of hours, from bed to bed,  from home to home. It would have been a moment, of shiver, amazement. Faced with that beauty you only realize while destroying it a little.

Bitter irony.

I could have spent money and gained time. Instead of which I decided to “limit my carbon print” and go on a different journey.

From within lands and minds, crossing borders and lives, rather than above worlds and humans, flying through time.

So I did.

Put on my walking boots and backpack, rode trains and buses, waited on benches.

So I did.

Tried to decipher alphabets and gazes understand strange words and noises. Lost my ways a couple of times, found others. Watched snow fall children dance strangers live. People be. Learnt of history listened to memories discovered cities’ secret wounds peoples’ burning scars.

So I thought and wrote went quiet for a while.

So I changed leaving small bits of myself behind. Taking a piece of it all as well, every time.

To grow.

I could not tell about the carbon. If there is a print I feel, though, it is human. That which is the trace you leave on the world and the world leaves on you.

I could have flown. Instead –

I have become.

*audio version available :

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