“The Borders of Democracy : Welcome to Fortress Europe !” – Tremble’s inaugural conference

Tremble is excited to invite you to its launching event and inaugural conference on February 21st at 15:15 CET, during the online international summit A Week of Neighbours. Register here : https://us06web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZ0vdeyvrDwrGt1n7645sN6hkGZVxCYdrvLD



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The Borders of Democracy : Welcome to Fortress Europe !

On the occasion of the upcoming summit A Week of Neighbours, organized by A World of Neighbours on the theme “Keeping our humanity”, Aude Sathoud, member of the organization’s Practicioners Network and founder of Tremble, will be hosting a conference titled “The Borders of Democracy : Welcome to Fortress Europe !”

This panel, welcoming Prs. Katja Franko, criminologist, Itamar Mann, law lecturer and lawyer, and Peo Hansen, political scientist, will be the occasion to tackle the normalization of violence and human rights violations towards migrants at the European borders, and its meaning in what can be considered as a movement – or moment ? of “bordering” or relativeness of democracy.

Join the discussion online on Monday, February 21st at 15:15 CET, register here : https://us06web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZ0vdeyvrDwrGt1n7645sN6hkGZVxCYdrvLD

Let’s start making the world tremble.

“The Borders of Democracy : Welcome to Fortress Europe !”, a discussion between Katja Franko, Itamar Mann and Peo Hansen, hosted by Aude Sathoud, conceived by Aude Sathoud and Faezeh Fatizadeh, on an original idea of Aude Sathoud.

About A World of Neighbours

Aiming to strengthen and nurture a peaceful coexistence in Europe, the Church of Sweden has initiated the programme Interreligious Praxis for Peace – A World of Neighbours. Over the years, this programme has built a strong network consisting of hundreds of practitioners spanning 18 different countries who are working in the fields of migration, integration, community building, interreligious collaboration, and social cohesion. 

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