The Borders of Democracy – Recording available !

This conference was born of a silence.

We searched for the words. Remembered the stories we too often hear without listening. Refused to escape – for once.

This conference was born of a silence. We took on the challenge to break it :

In spite of the distance and virtuality, thanks to the trust, kindness and generosity of three amazing speakers – Prs. Katja Franko, Itamar Mann and Peo Hansen, thanks to the support of AWoN’s team from the beginning, thanks to the openness and presence of more than 40 participants, we all contributed to create a moment of true human connection and collective intelligence.

Aude Sathoud, founder of Tremble, together with Faezeh Fatizadeh, decided to create the conference they would wish to attend – they believe they achieved it.

This was a humble and ambitious attempt to reclaim our minds and rights – or duty ? to contribute to the building of our common world(s).

This was – this is Tremble.

Join us back here :

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