Song for the hidden child

I heard your voice, first

Which I did not recognize – I confess

Had to wait for my eyes

To see

Your becoming


Angel curls golden ears

And that smile

We were the hidden child


We’re glowing and glitters – let us be


Let us be

Remember the summers

Our secret

Broken hearts

Find the words of our ancestry

Past lovers.

He sat next to me and drew signs

In the air

I remembered that other one dancing

His eyes a little closed

Waving – along the road.

Silent child full of screams dreaming blind

Did you see ?

Do you know it was me ?

Flannel shirt bohème ring rolled-up jeans

So what ?

She told me I could be

Lone and free

She said sometimes it’s not that deep she said breathe in, honey

She said write your body

And my body is love

You laughed

And my body is love

I smiled

And our body is love

You child

We are poems.

And I’ll be yours, always.

*Audio version available :

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