And the End of the Word.

I am exhausted. Can feel it my eyes every one of my move my brain in slow motion – still I write. Nothing. I do not want to tell – or I can’t. There are so many waves there is so little space within and still I can’t. And still there is no word. To say. And I was wondering what was this void beyond what will be left survive in the silence after my apocalypse when there is no word else

But us.

But us.


I sat there and listened

To the wind

Sunflower seeds

To the sea that will sink

To the last daisy


To the son who came first

Who stood up on his head

To the sun of our death

She put ice in my hand

And we hugged and we laughed did not know each other

And he prayed to some God

And we were holding hands

And I was standing there

Outside of language

And we danced, too

I guess

For when the word will end

When there is no word else

Our bodies will remain

Our soul in the forest

For when it is time to leave  

The water deep and still

You may remember us

And the sunflower seeds

And repeat in your head your mouth full of tears -yet

They were there

We were here




*Audio version available :

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