Radical love theory testing*

L2 x Y3

And – just like that

I find myself (back) writing (to you) in the


Blink, they say 

Mathematics you think drawing hectic formulas some can explain for sure in the

– air 

Do you see ?


I never stopped seeing


Left you in R. 

One day

Three years

We crossed the city with a small squared box pieces of your chaos – and a suitcase

From your place to 


Do you remember ?

I remember everything 


Left you in R.

One day

Three years

Wondering how I would – do life 


And my pen follows your bodies

Our skins are rocks – you are a cliff 

Rubbed against each other at night they make (poems ?)


We think of switching hands

Next time

We talk of love and letters bodies and spaces we talk forever

and rêveur and raver

– right ? 

I’ve learnt to write along your scars

Poems in the end may be nothing but letters silent screams past lovers we wonder and whisper and unsay, too, cause we know cause we know cause we –

I had told you

I am a tree

*Audio version available :

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