Our language

How we feel, what we mean.


We are aware and curious of, we think from and through, the multiplicity of our worlds and times, imaginaries and materialities. We conceive and receive discourses as expressions of historically and politically situated but never confined subjectivities. We believe in a world of Relation in the sense of Édouard Glissant, that is of radical openness to the unknown of the Other in whom I discover my self and the chaos of an ever-becoming, complex and common universe.


We cultivate a poetic ethos, that is a creative, open-eyed, sensitive and sensual experience of and relationship to the world. We trust and rely on our bodies to think and consider art in its multiplicity of expressions as an invitation to access realities beyond the sole frame of rationality. We attempt to recover our wounded, emptied and estranged desire.


Tremble is an hommage to Édouard Glissant’s pensée du tremblement (Poétiques IV et V, Gallimard, 1997, 2005). Tremble is a pensée-action, a feeling and an engagement. Tremble is that constant swaying, mixing of desire and fear that shakes a body who has decided to live. Tremble is the consciousness of one’s power and vulnerability, the conscience of one’s freedom and responsibility.

Tremble is the radical acceptance of our humanity.