Our vision

What we believe in, struggle against and work towards.

For democracy, against neo-liberal capitalism.

We believe democracy not to be a voting system turned gigantic market but a philosophical project of individual and collective conscience, constant unrest and embodied thinking and praxis, for and towards freedom and equality between all, that is greater humanity. We thus consider the neo-liberal society of passive consumers convinced to be free to be a threat to democracy and an insult to human intelligence and dignity, and are committed to think and struggle against it.

Against necropolitics, for life. For all.

Faced with the destruction of all forms and powers of life generated by the neo-liberal capitalist order of oppression and predation, we attempt to think against and beyond it, in a constant effort to emancipate ourselves from its alienating hegemony. This struggle consists in the questionning of what we have been told to be normal, unique and endless, the conscious reappropriation of our time, spaces and bodies and the liberation of our imaginaries to invent, (re)discover and offer other presents / presences to the world.

My emancipation will be yours.

Speaking from a diversity of geographical, social and historico-political positionnalities, coming from different backgrounds, each going through our own existential journey, we acknowledge our differences in privileges, ressources and capabilities at a given time. We nonetheless believe in our equal inherent power and agency and in the transformative potential of the alliance of our rages and hopes against the destructive, powerful but not invincible hegemonic forces of a world order which murders us all – and specifically some, minds, bodies and souls. This is the reason why we advocate for and join the alliance of struggles for the emancipation of all.