Support us

In pursuing our dreams and achieving our ambition – making of our secret other-worlds common creative realities, cultivating complex and open ways of being, allowing the greater number space and time to learn to live, we, at Tremble, do not want to give up on our autonomy and vision.

Tremble wishes to develop without any financial support from public or private institutions, solely relying on the generosity, support and energy of individual or group allies. A financial donation system will be launched soon.

In an attempt to further align with our beliefs and hopes, we would like to favor non-monetary exchanges and elaborate a sustainable model of relational economy – for which we would be grateful for any creative – or foolish ! mind.

If our project resonates with or inspires you, please consider supporting it through a sharing of some time, space, skills and knowledge, food for thought or bodies. Feel free to reach out to us to learn and discuss more :

Thank you.