World-Chaos : Building the world (dis)orders to come

A transnational action research and lobbying group paving the way for a post-necropolitical* world. Welcoming all those who do not have time to wait for the United Nations to solve humanity’s most burning challenges.

We refuse to let a minority of so-called “leaders” and “experts” set the world’s rythm and priorities, that is destroy its future to insure their own private interests while pretending to solve the issues they are creating and reinforcing every day. To us, the systemic violence and inequalities of existence which make of the reality of the world we share, allowing a few to build an absurd and ever-growing fortune and power on the corpses of billions, on the destruction of the Earth, are nothing but the result and illustration of the past and ongoing colonial and imperialist orders governing us all.

We refuse to be their accomplice by abiding by the fiction of our powerlessness.

We refuse to bow.

Together we ally.

We study, we discuss, we investigate. We invent, we propose, we attempt.

We resist. We create.

We train, we draft, we prepare. So that, when time comes, other ways are marked, broader horizons opened.

We refuse to let history’s victors write humanity’s last chapter.

Conditions of entry : submission of a letter of intent and concrete research-based political project challenging current necropolitical world orders in a specific region or context.

To apply or learn more, please reach out to us at, specifying “World-Chaos” in the subject. Please note that, in the framework of this project, dealing with sensitive information, you will be required to use secure electronic mail and messaging services, ensuring the end-to-end-encryption of all your communications.

*Necropolitics, a notion developped by Achille Mbembe after Michel Foucault’s biopolitics, define political regimes relying on the organization and government of individuals’ and group’s survival and death.